Painted furniture

Do you like extravagance and are you courageous? In this case, kitchen furniture facades are recommended to be made of dyed wood pressed wood panel (MDF).

Kitchen furniture made from this plate will suit everyone. This plate is designed for extremely selective people – it can be shiny or opaque, it can be milled, filing, bending. Because the board is painted with organic paint, there is no lamination, so the plate is water resistant. Maybe you want a clean, light and spacious kitchen impression? Then the white kitchen or the kitchen with pastel colors is a great and frequent choice of today.

The color of the board is made up of a huge range of spectrum colors, so you will adapt your kitchen furniture to the existing interior and to the newly created. You say that you did not even create a motherboard? – Choose a dyed board and meet all your expectations.

Our gallery of works contains a large number of examples of kitchen furniture made of dyed pressed wood particle board (painted MDF). Painted furniture is a fast-moving furniture option and undeniably the most popular choice today.

For bathroom furniture, we advise you to choose a painted MDF, because the panel is more resistant to moisture, preventing the furniture from getting bloated with moisture.