Wardrobes, closets and closets with sliding doors

Wardrobes are one of the best inventions available to people to enter the house at home. And it does not matter what you do to it: whether you will wear clothes or put up books or other things. Rare room in the home without a cabinet, or small cabinets, shelves.

Depending on your preferences, various cabinets are available. The cabinet can be used for hanging clothes, put on folded garments, comfortable shoes or pump … pump. Why make a cupboard instead of simply buying standard sizes? Therefore, just a non-standard cabinet will meet all your requirements: internal layout, adaptation to a specific wall, ceiling height or insertion into the desired niche. What to talk about when choosing a closet door. Doors can be of different colors, patterns, we can even make a photo with your favorite slogan or lovely eye. This is just your (and often) fantasy issue. Wardrobe doors can be opened or sliding (there are also other choices – less popular). The latter are a great place to save. And what about a woman’s dream of a woman or a loving man, a dream-wardrobe, where it is quite convenient to put together, to get all the clothes, shoes and scarves, where nobody opens outside when opening the door. Instead, you just enter inside and freely find everything you need.

Another reason why our customers often choose a non-standard wall closet is design. Often in a modern home, several rooms are combined in one large room, giving you a sense of space and aesthetics. Then you want to unmoved and combine the image of all furniture in style. Let’s make a classic example of how the customers fit their furniture and the closet to the kitchen furniture. And not necessarily these furniture are completely identical. In order to achieve uniqueness, it is possible to get a sense of uniformity by linking the furniture with only one color or some of the accents, details, giving the home a sense of luxury, uniqueness, integrity and comfort.

Baldai4u will try to fulfill your wishes and make your home a beautiful and comfortable one. We will make your home style, with high quality materials, in the closet / closet / closet sliding door. If you come to our office, we can offer you plenty of materials and layout / design options.