Why us


Production of high quality furniture on request

kokybiski baldai

One of our most important aspirations is quality. We believe that by offering high quality to our customers, we can create a successful business. We value our customers, therefore, we strive to ensure the impeccable quality of services and products and to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results of our work.

In order to achieve the best results, we are constantly looking for ways to make the furniture industry as smooth as possible, to meet high quality standards and furniture to serve you for many years. We are convinced that by choosing a quality product – you will not miss it, that’s precisely the quality that was and will be our priority, whether it be a very large and luxurious kitchen furniture or just a simple small closet.


Baldai4u kainos

The right price, consistent with the quality of the products offered, has always been one of our main goals. In other words, we will not ask you to sit down so that we can offer the price of furniture. Also, the furniture will not be cheap if you want an exclusive design furniture, because we are manufacturers of non-standard housings. We can offer kitchen furniture, fitting for each customer’s budget for furniture production.

If, however, we are not satisfied with the price of furniture offered by us, we will always find ways to save you, according to your criteria such as “needed” and “I want”. Leaving what you really need, leaving the possibility to refresh your furniture at any time, whatever you want, we’ll always get closer to the furniture prices you are looking for.

Also remember – Baldai4u don’t make discounts for quality.


baldu gamybos terminai

Focusing on one area, as well as the precision that has been developed, allows us to keep our promises and to make and install furniture at the agreed time. Often, a customer chooses furniture for longer than he / she hopes to choose. So, after this long and somewhat troublesome process, you want the furniture to be available as soon as possible in your home. We understand this perfectly, therefore, in evaluating your wishes and time, we manufacture furniture according to agreed terms and not only bring them to your home in time, but also install furniture for the rest of our time. You will not hear from us that one or another master has fallen ill or that the machine has failed. Even if we can not, due to the abundance of work, to make your order at the right time, we will notify you about this even before ordering the furniture. Indeed, we will find a mutually-suitable term for furniture production.


baldai bendravimas

We are convinced that the basis for successful business is its impeccable reputation and the very best feedback, so we will always be your friends from the beginning to the end, so that you would like to come back to us and would be bold in recommending us to a friend both for a good price / quality ratio and for a pleasant communication. We have long noticed that most of our clients are returning, satisfied with our work, customers and those who recommended us.

Our perception of communication culture is:

  • The quickest response to our customer’s request;
  • In all cases respectful and professional conduct of the client;
  • Sincere treatment of the client both within our company and in the client’s area;
  • Uninterrupted relationship with former customers, which create the basis for business growth.