Traditional furniture

Traditional furniture that favors a solid, luxurious image is never faded out of fashion. This image is created by the elements of a natural wooden array, crowns, pillars, columns and other various elements of wooden furniture. Our gallery of works includes not only classic kitchen furniture, but also lighter (modernized) classics.

In Baldai4u you will find a selection of materials for classical furniture. Also, you can lively view our exposition of a classic kitchen furniture (facade wood mass), as well as lightweight classical kitchen furniture (made of MDF). Each drawer, each door, shelves has its own purpose, so you will not fall in love with us and you will definitely get ideas for your kitchen furniture project.

All furniture, as well as non-exceptions and classical furniture, are made according to an individual project. Our designers, working with you, listening to your wishes and evaluating the furniture for the premises, will design non-standard cabinet furniture designed specifically for you.

How to get the look of a classic kitchen?

Here are some tips on how to get the look of classic furniture:

  • Remove furniture and details that do not match the image of the period you are trying to portray;
  • Add accents not only in kitchen furniture, but also in the whole room. Very important details include floor tiles, kitchen wall, luminaire and dining table with chairs;
  • In order to create the main accents, sculpt classical kitchen furniture, pay special attention to the handles, the height of the hung cabinets should not be the same, insert open cabinets and cupboards with glass doors, perhaps in different colors, and of course choose a graceful pattern that suits you;
  • When choosing a home appliance, pay attention to its design. Perhaps the choice of features and appearance is not as abundant as the modern look of the home appliances, but with these accents you can also enhance the image of the classic kitchen;
  • If you want to get a true, not mild, classic look, avoid materials such as laminated wood chipboard, painted or veneered, metal. In this case, the most suitable material is a natural tree, stone, granite, and the like.

If you like classical furniture for a particular period and region, then we advise you to look at our tips on the style of kitchen furniture. Perhaps you are fascinated by the Provencal cuisine, which is cute for many, and perhaps the style of the village that suits you best? If you did not find the style you described, please contact our designers and we will do our best to help you will definitely find the classic style of your choice (or maybe it’s more modern?).